Handy Keyboard Shortcuts to Increase Productivity

Most of these shortcuts are Windows Specific however with a Mac you can normally replace the  CTRL key for Windows with the Apple Key  and the Alt key  for windows with the Option Key.
Below are some useful tricks and of course there are many others if you know of any we omitted just comment them on the facebook post.
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        • CTRL + P

      Pressing Control and P simultaneously opens the Print Dialog Box.

        • CTRL + S

      Pressing Control and S simultaneously Saves the document.

        • CTRL + A

      Pressing Control and A simultaneously Selects All.

        • CTRL + C

      Pressing Control and C simultaneously Copies the selection.

        • CTRL + V

      Pressing Control and V simultaneously Pastes the selection.

        • CTRL + X

      Pressing Control and X simultaneously Cuts the selection.

        • CTRL + Z

      Pressing Control and Z simultaneously Undoes the last action.

        • CTRL + Y

      Pressing Control and Y simultaneously Redoes the action that was undone.

        • CTRL + F

      Pressing Control and F simultaneously Opens the find dialog box.

        • Win + L

      Pressing Windows and L simultaneously Locks your computer.

        • Win + M

      Pressing Windows and M simultaneously Miinimizes all windows.

        • Win + E

      Pressing Windows and E simultaneously Opens File Explorer.

        • Win + Left or Right Arrow

      Pressing Windows and Left or Right Arrow Keys simultaneously moves the window in that direction.

        • Win + Up Arrow

      Pressing Windows and Up Arrow Key simultaneously Maximizes the window.

        • ALT + TAB

      Pressing Alt and Tab simultaneously Toggles between open windows.

        • CTRL+Backspace

      Pressing Control and Backspace simultaneously deletes a word at a time.

        • CTRL + W

      Pressing Control and W simultaneously closes the open window.

        • CTRL + +/-

      Pressing Control and Plus or Minus simultaneously Zooms in or out of the window.

        • CTRL + 0

      Pressing Control and Zero simultaneously Resets the window to original size.

        • Win + +/-

      Pressing Windows and Plus or Minus simultaneously zooms in or out using the magnifier.

        • Win + ESC

      Pressing Windows and Escape simultaneously Exits the magnifier.

        • Shake The Window

      Use your mouse to grab the top of the window and "shake" it left and right. All other windows will minimize.

          Win + (Number1-9)

      Pressing Windows and (Number 1-9) simultaneously Opens the app pinned in that postion on the startbar.