Sudora ProPack FAQ:

What IT services by a technician are included in the ProPack?: The ProPack is purely a software suite. However, some of the monitoring services are performed in bulk by Sudora technicians. For example, a technician monitors the entire group’s antivirus, patching (and patch approval) and backup status daily. When there are serious issues with your system (like caught a virus), the technician will notify you of those issues. NOTE, The cleanup of viruses, helpdesk, and remediation of any issues that requires a technician’s time will be billed hourly at our discounted ProPack labor rate. Ready to get started with ProPack?

Is remote access to my computer safe from hackers and malware?: Yes. Remote access to your computer is encrypted similarly to a banking website with 256-bit SSL encryption.

Are cloud backups encrypted on the cloud servers and while in transit over the Internet?: Yes.

How Much Does it Cost?:  starting at as low as $25/computer/month with (1 year agreement) or $30/computer month-to-month.

How Much Does it Cost to Get Setup?:  Sudora bills $95/hour for the initial setup and software installation. This usually takes 1-2 hours depending on the condition of the computer and what all other repairs or setup work is being done at the same time.

Why is it cheaper with a 1-year agreement?: The Sudora ProPack suite of software is licensed from the software companies either monthly or yearly. If we are able to license you for a full year, it costs us less. We pass this savings to you.

What if an update messes up my computer?: Although the majority of patches fix things, from time to time Microsoft or other software companies release a patch that break something. The ProPack software suite will push any update that Microsoft has listed as critical, even the ones that can break things. If a patch is bad and affects more than one site negatively, Sudora techs may rollback or uninstall the patch in mass. If a particular update affects just one system negatively, Sudora will assist in the repair at our discounted hourly rate.

Can I cancel this service any time?: You may cancel at any time with 30 days notice. Upon cancellation, the Sudora IT ProPack software will all uninstall itself.

Is ProPack HIPAA Compliant?: For customers with Protected Health Information (PHI) who are subject to HIPAA law, Sudora offers an upgraded package. The Sudora IT ProPack HIPAA Compliant Package provides an option for a Business Associate Agreement signed by Sudora and the US based cloud backup host. The basic package is not.

Are cloud backup servers HIPAA compliant?: To get HIPAA compliant backup you must buy the HIPAA Compliance upgraded package. This upgrade will provide backup compliance and the backup provider will sign a HIPAA BAA agreement.

What if I already have an antivirus subscription?: You won’t need it and it is no good anyway. Sudora will replace your existing Stand Alone Antivirus with our Managed Antivirus. Managed Antivirus is a different league of protection than Stand Alone Antivirus because your computer becomes part of a large network of protected and monitored systems. If your current Stand Alone Antivirus is attacked and breaks, subscription runs out, fails to update or whatever else went wrong with it your system is unprotected and you probably won’t even notice. With Managed Antivirus, Sudora will call you and let you know there is a problem.

What if I already have a cloud backup provider?: You can continue to use the cloud backup provider. If you like the service and it is already setup there is no need to change. Sudora will not be monitoring your existing backup software however. Not using the provided backup software does not change the price of the package but may lower the setup time slightly. You also have the option of keeping your existing backup and adding ours as a secondary.

What if I already use Remote Access Software?: You can continue using your remote access software. The ProPack uses ScreenConnect for remote control of PCs. It will not interfere with your existing solution.

Will ALL software on the PC be updated?: No. The ProPack supports updating to around 110 different common free programs and all Microsoft software. These programs represent the vast majority of common free software used. There are millions of other programs that are not supported. Often times these programs require special contracts with the software companies to receive updates. Paid software, often with databases (such as Quickbooks or other accounting suites), will still need to be updated and upgraded manually by either the client or a technician. For a complete list of what all software is included ask your technician or consultant. Sudora can perform any type of third party software related work on an hourly basis.

Can I enroll my server in ProPack?: No. The Sudora IT ProPack is designed for small business networks and consumers. Sudora offers different managed service packages for networks with servers and domains.

How do I tell if a technician has joined my screen?: Before we remotely connect to help you out, we will call or send a chat message to your screen. When the tech connects, the desktop will turn black and a balloon in the bottom right corner will pop up and say who is connected. We can optionally turn on a consent request feature before all connections.

Will Sudora ever change the specific software included in the ProPack software suite?: Sudora may make changes to the specific software offered within the ProPack as deemed necessary by technical and business conditions. For example, if the antivirus offered starts to perform poorly (or goes out of business or is bought by another company, …), Sudora may decide to change our software offering. The core of the offering are the software-as-a-service functions such as antivirus protection software as opposed to a named specific piece of antivirus software. These should experience little or no change.

Is virus/malware removal included in the ProPack?: The ProPack is just a software subscription. If the software can remove it on its own it will. If a technician is required to remove it, you will be bill hourly at our discounted rate.

Do I own the ProPack software?: No. The ProPack software is provided as Software-as-a-Service. This is not a software sale. It is a subscription.

Is Sales Tax charged?: No. In Missouri, Software-as-a-Service is not charged any sales tax.

Ready to get started with ProPack?