ProPack by Sudora Computer Sercives

Finally a way for an average computer user to buy enterprise IT support on a home office budget. Introducing ProPack by Sudora Computer Services, a suite of software that keeps your computers updated, secured, backed up, and professionally maintained 24×7. Subscribers also get secure remote access to their computers, continuous cloud based file backup, automatic computer health reporting and technical help when needed. For more information please refer to the FAQ or Ask Us.

What is Included:
• Sudora’s Professional IT Management Suite
• Managed Antivirus Protection
• Managed Spyware Protection
• Cloud Backup with Cell Phone file access
• Remotely control/access your computer
• Access to Sudora’s Helpdesk and Ticketing System
• Hourly updating of most common third party apps (such as Chrome, Java, Reader, etc)
• Managed Windows Updates
• Customer Portal with computer health reporting
• Reduced price of hourly IT services

To Get Started: Call Sudora at 314-993-4555 and tell your tech or consultant you want the ProPack. Then fill out the ProPack Questionnaire, Sudora’s Master Service Agreement and Automatic Payment Authorization Form. Your tech or consultant will schedule or perform your one to two hour installation.
** Sudora bills for the first 2 months of ProPack up front. During the first week of each month thereafter you will be charged for the following month. You may add additional computers to your agreement at any time and they will be prorated. Sudora accepts credit cards and ACH payments for this service.