Managed IT Services

What is a Managed Service Provider?

A Managed Service Provider (MSP) is a company that manages a customer’s system on a proactive basis. Sudora is a St. Louis based full services outsourced IT solution provider for small and medium sized businesses. Healthcare IT (HIT) is the majority of our client base but we work on networks for all types of businesses. Sudora serves as an outsourced IT or technical staff for small and medium sized businesses, and health care practices.

Proactive IT instead of Reactive IT will save your business!

The three risks all business face are Data Loss, Downtime/Lost Productivity, and Data Theft. If you react to a system failing there will be downtime, which equals lost revenue. If you would like to see how much downtime will cost you check out the Cost of Downtime Calculator. Waiting until the system fails also creates a higher risk for Data Loss which creates more expenses to recover the data. When a system goes down there is also the possibility for Data Theft  which equals loss of reputation which can cost the business dearly.

Let ProPack by Sudora Computer Services watch your systems for you. Tell your Specialist you want to know more about ProPack and forget the worry of data risks!