What are the risks that all businesses face?


The three inherent risks for most businesses are Downtime or Lost Productivity, Data Loss, and Data Theft. Health care providers also face a fourth risk, Government Compliance (HIPAA/HITECH). 


Is there a solution?

Of course there is! ProPack by Sudora Computer Services is a Proactive It Solution that will drastically minimize your risk and  increase your productivity levels!


What is Downtime?

Ever had a computer crash? How quickly did you get back to work?

How long would your company survive without the ability to do any work for your customers? What  impact would that have on your Business Reputation? Do you have a Business Disaster Recovery Plan? (BDRP)

What is Lost Productivity?

Ever waited for your computer to update? How often do you update?  How long do you have to Wait for your computer to update? Does your software automatically update or do you have to wait for it o update as well?

Lost Productivity is the lost time and lost revenue from inefficiency.

What is Data Loss?

Ever worked hard on a document and all of a sudden its gone? accidentally deleted an important document?

The Cost of data recovery is expensive but the cost of permanently lost data is even more hurtful to the business.

What is Data Theft?

Ever had a virus? Spyware Malware viruses and hackers all try to get your data!

What would happen if someone stole the customer information in your database? Would your customers want to come back? Would your business be able to keep current customers if there was a law suit? What about the bad publicity that you would receive even if your current customers stayed with you would you be able to grow the business?

What can be done?

Fortunately the precautions that help with these three risks also minimizes the risk of Compliance.  What can you do to keep Downtime or Lost Productivity from costing the business a fortune? Create or update a Disaster Recovery Plan, identify  the risks,  identify the costs associated with downtime and test your Business Disaster Recovery Plan! The most important step is to Test the Recovery Plan! Need help with  the costs of Downtime or Lost Productivity? Check out The Cost of Downtime Calculator!  What can you do to keep  the important  Data from being Lost?  Create a Comprehensive Recovery Strategy, have a copy of data off site(away from the office) and use a back up and recovery system. The most important step is to Test the Recovery System on a regular schedule!   What can be done to keep your Data safe from Theft?  Keep your systems up to date at all times,  use good password policies,  and of course have good security  both physical and digital.   Guess what, Sudora has a solution for all of these problems! ProPack by Sudora Computer Services a software suite that will keep your  systems updated, secured, backed up and professionally maintained 24 x 7 by a Sudora Specialist!