Carbonite is a leading provider of cloud and hybrid backup solutions for small and home offices (SOHO) and small businesses. Between Carbonite and their Partners, they support more than 1.5 million home and business customers worldwide.

Unlike traditional backup and recovery companies, Carbonite harnesses modern cloud and hybrid technologies to provide enterprise-grade protection designed to meet the customer’s needs at an affordable price.

    5 Facts to Know about Carbonite

    Carbonite customers have a unique profile

    • Carbonite is ideal for very small businesses (10-24 employees) and is an overall good fit for companies as small as 1 employee and as large as 250 employees.
    • 1-5 servers (most popular: SQL and Exchange); if virtualizing, using Hyper-V
    • 2-500 endpoints

    Most common causes of data loss for SOHO & small businesses are:

    • Human error – accidental deletions, coffee spills
    • Tech failures – equipment failures, network outages
    • Security incidents – viruses, ransomware
    • Natural disasters – floods, fires

    Carbonite is serious about protecting data

    • Files are encrypted before they leave a computer and remain encrypted on servers
    • Transport Layer Security (TLS) for total data secrecy
    • 128-bit Blowfish encryption for files at rest
    • Data is kept in climate-controlled data centers that are equipped with backup power generators and guarded 24 hours a day, every day of the year

    Cloud backup is the best option for SOHO & small businesses

    • Low cost / Simple pricing plans
    • Less risky than tape, which can be corrupted and has to be transported, and EHDs that can be lost
    • Fully automated
    • Secure offsite backup

    The 3-2-1 Backup Rule

    • Carbonite encourages all SOHO & small business owners to follow the 3-2-1 Rule. Simply put, the rule is:
    • Save at least 3 copies of data
    • Store the copies on 2 different storage types
    • Keep 1 copy offsite