About Sudora

Who is Sudora?

Sudora is much more than IT Services, we are a Managed Service Provider.

Sudora is a Saint Louis based Managed Service Provider(MSP) for small and medium sized businesses. What does that mean? We deliver Big Business Solutions on a Small Business Budget! Take a look and see what services we have to offer, or ask us about a service or just give us a  call at 314.993.4555.

Why Choose Sudora?

Our Professionalism, Honesty and Our High Regards For Your Priorities are what set us apart.

Sudora brings Technology Solutions to small and medium sized businesses to help facilitate their growth.We are passionate about selecting and supporting the appropriate technology to serve your specific business needs. When your business is growing so is ours! You are much more than a client to Sudora.


What does Sudora Do?

  • Improve Reliability

    By proactively monitoring and patching your systems, your systems run faster and service interruptions are greatly reduced.

  • Reduce Risk

    • With our compliance expertise and proactive monitoring and patching services we help you reduce risk exposure from the many ever evolving digital threats and subsequent federal fines.
  • Improve Predictability

    • you will know  when your system is starting to fail and what your options are before the system failure.
  • Scalable Investment

    • no more over investing-only pay for what you need and add or reduce services as your organization changes
  • Support the Core Mission

    • allow your in house IT leaders to focus on the core mission instead of putting out fires and waiting for a system failure.
  • Improve Resource Utilization

    • allocate your core resources for  project leadership and other emission critical activities by allowing us to be there for the day to day support needs.

Specific Services Lines

  • Managed Services

    • Services offered include but are not limited to Managed Servers, Computer Networking,  and Computer Preformance Analysis
  • Compliance

    • Sudora will always stay HIPAA complaint when dealing with medical records.
  • Software Selection Consulting

    • Facilitate software selection  for your business needs. (i.e. Electroing Medical Records, Customer Relationshjp Management, Quickbooks)
  • Vendor Selection Consulting

    • Assist business partners with selecting new hardware, telecommunications services, telephony solution providers etc.